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Fueling Success: The Vital Role of Self-Love and Self-Care with Teresa Sande

June 15, 2023 Teresa Spangler
Future Forward
Fueling Success: The Vital Role of Self-Love and Self-Care with Teresa Sande
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Show Notes

“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” — Brené Brown

I am thrilled to share the latest episode of our podcast, "Fueling Success: The Vital Role of Self-Love and Self-Care." In this enlightening episode, we have the pleasure of hosting renowned personal development expert Teresa Sande.
Teresa dives deep into the essence of self-love and self-care and explores their indispensable role in driving personal success. She sheds light on how these practices nurture our mind, body, and soul and can be leveraged to unlock our untapped potential.

In a world where external demands and pressures often consume us, it's easy to overlook the importance of caring for ourselves. But as Teresa brilliantly explains, without nourishing our wellbeing, we can't possibly be at our best or achieve the level of success we can.

Suppose you're on a journey toward personal success. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a corporate professional, a student, or simply someone looking to enhance their life quality, this podcast episode is a must-listen!
So, grab your favorite drink, get comfy, and embark on this journey together. Click the link below to listen now! 🎧

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More about Teresa:  Teresa Sande, named one of the top "100 Women to Know in America" in 2022 and an expert in organizational effectiveness, who has dedicated her career to helping leaders unleash their full potential. With her cutting-edge frAIMwork (Awareness, Interrupt and Momentum) and over 40 empowering exercises, Teresa's new book "Find Your Fierce" is your ultimate guide to silencing your inner critic and becoming the confident leader you were born to be.

How do you tap into your inner strength? What might be pulling you back, holding you down, or making you anxious? 

I truly believe everyone at one time or another has experienced a little bit (or a lot) of #impostersyndrome. In Teresa Sande's new book "Find Your Fierce: Interrupt Imposter Syndrome and Own Your Success" (use the link to get a discount on the book) she shares insights, strategies, and 40 (yes 40) exercises to help you discover your fierce CONFIDENCE. Building on her frAIMwork (get it? AIM; Awareness, Interrupt, and Momentum) she shares how you can take steps to "quiet your inner critic"  and "own your success".

Teresa Sande is passionate about equity in the workplace, healthy corporate cultures, and growing leaders to be their best. She holds her Master’s degree in Organizational Effectiveness and spent nearly 25 years as an executive with companies like Intel, Capital One, Cargill, and UnitedHealth Group. 

More about Teresa:

As the CEO and founder of Mirror Mirror Strategies, Teresa is a consultant, coach, author, speaker, and imposter syndrome expert. Her book on the topic, “Find Your Fierce: Interrupt Imposter Syndrome and Own Your Success”, debuted in early 2021. 

Teresa enjoys mentoring others, and supporting various women’s groups. She splits her time between Minneapolis, MN, and Palm Springs, CA, in her free time she enjoys adventures with her husband and pets, and being outside as much as possible! 

“Find Your Fierce” is available on her website now at www.TeresaSande.com 

The book is also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. 

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