Future Forward

Future Forward with IM4U Learning CEO; Educating Hearts and Inspiring Minds!

June 13, 2023 Teresa Spangler
Future Forward
Future Forward with IM4U Learning CEO; Educating Hearts and Inspiring Minds!
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Show Notes

What does the bass guitarist for Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band and a passionate executive leader have in common?

Shifting the winds from bullying to caring, empathy, sharing, and kindness in children (and adults) is sadly not an easy task. That's where IM4U Learning transforms how we talk about and teach tough stuff!

 Children's advocate, songwriter, and author, @JimMayer, long-time member of the Coral Reefer band is known as an award-winning writer and producer of songs for children. He has performed at national education conferences and in regional assemblies for many years. He founded IM4U Learning, a startup to bring the joy of music and play-based learning to children and teachers in the classroom.

So how does @Maura Connor fit into this story? 

Jim seeks a CEO to lead IM4U; there's an introduction and then a mash-up! Maura Connor and Jim Mayer have a shared purpose and passion for transforming education and making an impact in the lives of children and teachers. The common thread? Both had seen how bullying young children in schools had devastating impact and saw a critical need in our educational system to help children develop resilience, self-awareness, empathy, respect, and more. 

 An ed-tech startup union is formed, and Maura takes the helm of IM4U Learning. #futureforward with me and Maura Connor

Maura and I are also grateful for the passionate work of Luann Abrams whose mission is to drive more #women into #CEO roles! Thank you, Luann for all that you do! (links in the article and mentions in the video for more info)


About Maura Connor

Maura Connor currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of IM4U Learning, LLC. She is a seasoned operations executive who has built and led high-performing teams in the educational technology, publishing, workforce development, and healthcare industries. Her experience falls across both for-profit and non-for-profit entities; from small founder-led and PE-backed companies to larger private and publicly traded corporations. She has led the strategic execution of corporate initiatives; operations; product strategy and management; eLearning solution development; transformation and process improvement; product marketing; and client experience services. ​Maura is customer-centric. She throws herself into understanding market and customer problems to design the right solution that achieves the best experience and outcomes. She is passionate about cultivating talent and culture so individuals, teams, and communities can thrive.

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