Future Forward

Lessons Learned from the Former 14th Commissioner of Health, State of TN, Durning Covid!

October 26, 2022 Teresa Spangler Season 1 Episode 12
Future Forward
Lessons Learned from the Former 14th Commissioner of Health, State of TN, Durning Covid!
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Show Notes
“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” Maya Angelou

#FutureForward with Dr. Lisa Piercey MD, MBA, FACHE

One of the hardest times in the world was one Dr. Piercey faced during her tenure as Commissioner of Health for the state of TN. May lessons were learned during this challenging time. Just a few lessons that Dr. Piercey shares that she learned during this difficult time; how important it became to meet people where they are, relate to each person and to their tribe, do what it takes to ease their fears, be authentic and as transparent as possible to earn and maintain their trust.

Paths of interest have been her guide throughout her career. She shares with young professionals to find a niche they have an interest in and dig into it. As you gain footing other opportunities will emerge. Follow your interests!


Piercey, MD, MBA is a nationally recognized physician executive with extensive public and private sector experience and is the Founder and CEO of Tristela Strategies, a boutique strategic advisory firm for healthcare investors and operators.

Dr. Piercey served on Governor Bill Lee’s Cabinet as the 14th Commissioner of Health for the State of Tennessee, managing a $700MM budget and leading over 4,300 employees. One of the most significant contributions to her time in office was her leadership through the COVID-19 response, as Chairman of the Governor’s #pandemictaskforce, where she represented state health officials across national and international media platforms and in multiple interactions with the White House during two presidential administrations. Also in her role as Tennessee’s health chief, Dr. Piercey provided licensure and regulatory oversight for the state’s 300K health professionals and 1,400+ healthcare facilities. She collaborated with TennCare, the state’s Medicaid agency, as well as legislators and policymakers, to advance pivotal policy and budgetary initiatives, such as rural healthcare access, dental care for the uninsured, and the overhaul of the state’s TANF reserve fund.

Prior to her public service, Dr. Piercey spent over a decade as a senior-level operations executive, providing clinical and administrative leadership in large medical group and health system operations, where she exceled at driving strategies for access to cost-efficient care, particularly in rural, underserved and high-risk populations. As Executive Vice President of West Tennessee Healthcare, the nation’s ninth largest public, not-for-profit health system with over $1B in revenue and 7,000 employees, she had fiduciary responsibility for all of the system’s rural hospitals, behavioral health service lines, and post-acute services and spearheaded the region’s population health initiatives, creating the system’s chronic disease management program with remote patient monitoring, and designing and programming its internationally acclaimed medical fitness center. She also organically grew the state’s largest telepsychiatry network and launched the system’s first medication assisted treatment program, including development of a first-of-its-kind residential MAT program for pregnant and postpartum women. 

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