Future Forward

Leading Through Uncertainty to Exit Ready for Growth

October 03, 2022 Teresa Spangler Season 1 Episode 6
Future Forward
Leading Through Uncertainty to Exit Ready for Growth
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Show Notes

Today's #futureforward session, Through Uncertain Times, was so inspiring! I was joined but some very talented and experienced women. 

The group shares tips, strategies, inspirational thoughts, and examples of successes. Watch and be inspired.

Joined by A Panel of Excellent and Experienced Leaders:

Lisa Schneider: An influential Chief Product Officer who identifies innovative growth opportunities and creates the products, culture, messaging, and partnerships to make those succeed. Her ability to clarify and focus product strategy and align it with business goals and outcomes drives consistent, substantial results and creates org-wide alignment and speed. Lisa is currently a fractional CPO and product strategy consultant across a range of verticals. 

Talila Millman: A transformational CTO, known for growing revenue through innovative products, developing growth strategies, translating strategy into roadmap and execution plan, and fixing processes for productivity and efficiency gains. Talila offers these services, as well as coaching, and speaking engagements through Talila’s company MillmanTech. Talila’s broad experience in AI, machine learning, data analytics, cloud, IoT, mobile, and SaaS, distinguishes her as an advisor, and a speaker. Linkedin: 

Julia Porter Plowman: Founder I Chief Brand Officer, Folk Global. Helps leaders build and market purpose-driven brands and create value. Inspire and influence executive teams around vision, values, strategy, and metrics, resulting in focused corporate initiatives, improved decision-making, and inspired company culture. Help Brands find their place in culture and engage with modern audiences. 

Maura Connor: Maura partners with CEOs and their executive teams to translate their long-term vision into the corporate strategic plan and road map to achieve their goals. Her focus is on the strategic and flawless execution of that road map. Her leadership approach cultivates a culture of accountability, integrity, transparency, and collaboration to ensure individual, team, and organization-wide success.” ,

Together we share strategies, tips and insights around the following questions:

  1.  In uncertain times where people and companies feel most vulnerable – leadership styles/strategies may need to change- What examples and strategies could you share of valuable changes or evolutions leaders could make to prepare for 2023?

o  Engage people allowing them to do projects that make them shine 

o  Change is constant- back to the basics of doubling down on vision and demonstrating and engaging the organization in the company's vision, mission, and values. 

o  Increase effective communications and transparency to ease people’s fears and engage them to “help”

2.    Resilience & survivor skills are key- self-awareness measures to see where gaps and vulnerabilities are becoming increasingly important. How might CEO’s measure their level of resilience in the company and take measures to strengthen these skills?

3.    There are layoffs happening yet there is still a strong need for finding great talent! These two thin

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