Future Forward

FutureForward with CEOX CEO, Luann Abrams

September 29, 2022 Teresa Spangler Season 1 Episode 5
Future Forward
FutureForward with CEOX CEO, Luann Abrams
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Show Notes

Elevating Women into CEO & Board Roles Interview with #LuannAbrams, CEO of #ProjectCEOX (www.projectceox.com)

Project CEOX creates opportunities for investors and executive women by connecting high-level women to roles at venture-backed companies. From her time in venture capital managing an early-stage venture fund and as an LP, she's been compelled to find a solution to the inequities in leadership. "I saw at growing startups, culminating in me founding CEOX, an organization with a mission to elevate women into CEO and board roles." This former Aerospace engineer shares her inspiring story with Plazabridge Group Teresa Spangler.

Teresa's Future-Forward interview series inspires growth-minded individuals, startup founders, company executives, and women to reach beyond any mental limitations. "Battle fuel for those tiny nagging imposter-syndrome voices in our heads!"
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