Future Forward

Bari Harlam (Founder of Trouble for Good)

September 20, 2022 Teresa Spangler Season 1 Episode 1
Future Forward
Bari Harlam (Founder of Trouble for Good)
Show Notes

About Trouble for Good:
Trouble's purpose is to raise as much money as possible for non-profits doing the hard work of closing gender equity gaps.  Our moonshot goal is to reach $100 million so that we don't have to wait another hundred years to see progress happen. 

We launched Trouble on 8-18, the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment to help carry the torch of gender equity forward, handed to us by those incredible women who fought so hard for our rights, and to honor the women today who are TroubleMakers for Good.  Together we celebrate their courageousness and raise much-needed capital for non-profits hellbent on change.

Our website Troublemakers.org is designed to honor TroubleMakers & to be a resource and inspiration. 

100% of profits from Trouble purchases support organizations focused on gender equity issues.  National donation partners to date include Higher Heights, Vision2020, Gift Card Bank, Girls on the Run, GirlTrek, I Have The Right To, Girls Who Code, and Last Mile Education Fund.

Know, too, that while our fun, edgy, dare-we-say-beautiful merchandise has an important mission, it’s also sourced from sustainable, diverse, and socially-conscious businesses.

About Trouble for Good's Co-founders:

Meredith Curren

  • Business owner, community leader, founder of successful angel investment firm
  • Served as Campaign Chair, Transition Team partner and member of Governor Gina Raimondo’s senior management team.
  • Experienced board director with leadership roles on multiple corporate and non for profit boards including RI Public Television, BCBS, BankRI (Vice Chair), OS Tax Exempt Fund, Research Engineering & Mfg. Co and the Wheeler School (Chair)
  • B.A. Smith College. Columbia University MBA; recipient of the Hutchinson Award for Entrepreneurship 

Bari Harlam

  • Successful C-suite business leader, marketer, professor, and author.
  • Pioneer in customer loyalty, customer experience, personalized & digital marketing and data analysis
  • Strategic customer focus and business acumen have driven enormous value for companies including CVS Health, BJ’s Wholesale Company, & Hudson’s Bay Company
  • Experienced board director and advisor for multiple corporate and not for profits including Eastern Bank, Aterian, Champion Petfoods, OneWater Marine, Rite Aid, Govern for America, and Gift Card Bank
  • University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School; B.S. Econ, M.S., and Ph.D.

Instagram and FB:  @Troublemakersforgood

LinkedIn:  @Trouble

Twitter:  @Troubleforgood